Grayscale - 'Nella Vita' Cassette

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Another very special, very last minute Rock Sound Records exclusive!

On the eve of its release, we've teamed up with our good friends in Grayscale to bring you this super-limited edition cassette tape of their fantastic new album 'Nella Vita'.

This tape is limited to just 300 copies worldwide - a super-rare collectors' item - and is available solely through Rock Sound and this store

'Nella Vita' track listing:

01. 'Just Right'
02. 'Baby Blue'
03. 'In Violet'
04. 'YOUNG'
05. 'Twilight (My Heaven)'
06. 'Old Friends'
07. 'Painkiller Weather'
08. 'What's On Your Mind'
09. 'Asbury'
10. 'Desert Queen'
11. 'In My Arms'
12. 'Tommy's Song'

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